​Redleg Films is a production company based in Chicago specializing in dynamic, audience-friendly films. Redleg emphasizes strong storytelling and production value, producing quality films with efficiency and reliability.

The Company

​Daniel John Harris is a former Army artilleryman (or 'redleg'). Dan's skillset combines diverse industry experience with a grounding in theatre-acting techniques. Dan is unimpressed by company moves that don't involve a CH-47 Chinook.

Daniel John Harris

Chris Murphy is a cinematographer and photographer. Chris has worked in both the lighting and camera departments on feature films, and has extensive commercial experience. He's a production-value multiplier, and expert photon wrangler.

Chris Murphy

Joshua Schilling is a born producer. With production experience on everything from television to feature films, he makes things happen for Redleg. Where there is a jib shot in a $700 short, there is a damn fine producer not far away.

Joshua Schilling

Patrick  J. Bresnahan is Redleg's sound expert.  There isn't a sound problem he can't tackle, whether it's recording the music for an entire musical overnight, or getting quality audio in a cave while the lighting department runs a diesel generator.

Patrick Bresnahan

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